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The SolarWiki

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Solar energy is the only inexhaustible energy source abundant enough to satisfy all the energy needs of our planet, but is only practical if an extensive solar-based infrastructure can be deployed and operated in an environmentally friendly manner. Developing the sophisticated devices of this infrastructure that efficiently harnesses solar energy is one of the greatest scientific, technological, economic, and moral challenges of our time, and requires large scale collaborative effort from researchers with expertise from a wide range of scientific and technological areas. The development of the SolarWiki is currently being directed by UC Davis Professor Delmar Larsen.




The goal of the SolarWiki project is to provide readily accessible information to the public on all things solar energy. Fueled by collaboration between undergraduates, graduate students, and researchers alike, the UC Davis Solar Collaborative hopes to create a comprehensive online resource for the academic world, and an educational hub for the interested non-scientist. By doing so, the Collaborative hopes to improve the public understanding and appreciation of solar energy technology and its potential to serve as a significant contributor to the future energy landscape.


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